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August 20, 2009: Dice Boot

Munchkin Dice Boot

With all apologies to Wolfgang Petersen.

The picture shows one of our two prototype Munchkin dice rollers, hand-crafted by Matt Drake of VixenTor Games. The picture doesn't show the storage tray in the heel of the boot, or the nifty felt lining that keeps the dice from making an unholy racket, but they're there and very nice.

We're keeping this one. The other one was given to Scott Picha, this year's Munchkin World Cup winner, at Gen Con.

And how can YOU get one of these? What an interesting question . . .

-- Andrew Hackard

Randy Returns to Paddy's!

Back in June, Randy visited Paddy's and had a great time. Now, the lazy bum our wandering demo man is returning! He'll be showing off Revolution! and The Stars Are Right, as well as answering questions about upcoming games, from 6pm to 9pm today. So after work, head over and play some games!

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