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August 21, 2009: Gen Con Wrapup

Gen Con 2009 SJ Games crew

We all made it back from Indy earlier this week. Despite a rash of travel-related mishaps reported from other attendees, and the threat of "significant weather" in Chicago, none of our crew was delayed more than a few minutes. Even more remarkable, we seem to have skipped the con crud entirely this year!

The show, to put it bluntly, rocked. Our demo space was jam-packed the entire time, often with more people watching the games as were playing. Andrew ran Munchkin Quest Gauntlet for everyone from kids younger than Munchkin itself, to folks with more gray hair than me (and that's saying something these days). Phil showed no mercy during his Frag Gold Edition sessions; at one point, he racked up a half dozen frags in less than 15 minutes. Will taught Revolution! to 50+ people every day, and I saw The Stars Are Right so often I . . . well, I saw stars.

Oh, and the mascot? Randy couldn't take two steps without somebody asking for a photo. He even made the front page of the Indianapolis Star's Gen Con coverage. Woot!

But it wasn't all just playing around. The very serious task of selling also occurred, with Munchkin Quest, Revolution!, and The Stars Are Right all selling completely out, along with Munchkin Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa. Heck, pretty much anything with the word Munchkin on it sold out.

Today, everyone is back in the office, cleaning up their inboxes, sorting through the piles of photos we took (watch for them on our Flickr page soon!), and getting ready for PAX in two weeks. Two weeks? Yikes!

One More Store Visit for Randy!

Randy is stopping at The Source this afternoon from 6pm to 9pm, and doing his usual demo-tastic thing. Learn to play Revolution! from the master! Ask for a Munchkin bookmark! Find out if he's back to the manly beard or if he's kept that silly goatee thing from Gen Con!

-- Paul Chapman

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