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August 26, 2022: John's "Bike The Barns" Charity Ride

John Kovalic's annual Bike the Barns bike ride for FairShare CSA Coalition fundraiser is back, and it's aiming to break the 2021 record! With still a few days left, John has already raised over the $18,000 mark and is working toward unlocking even more stretch goals. 
Stretch goals are a mix of fun bonuses for folks that are donating and nefarious challenges to add to the bike ride, like wearing plush tentacles and Ducks of Doom! Sure would be a shame if John had to wear two ducks on his helmet; we'd just hate it if we unlocked the $21,000 stretch goal. (Let's make it happen.) 
There are still a few days left to support, and supporters can get a number of unique rewards (notably a new Munchkin promo: Duck Decade!) We're proud to support this excellent charity ride, even if it means our friend must suffer. Sorry John, but thanks for being amazing and biking for charity! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

Duck Decade

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