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August 28, 2022: Playing Around With Squarescape

A lot of my time for the past few weeks has gone into the upcoming-sometime Squarescape release. You might remember we did an introductory release a few months ago. A few lucky gamers got in on the ground floor and sent feedback, and a few things were learned. So we geared up and kept going!

The big effort currently has been designing the rest of the tiles (Jean McGuire is now officially a sculptor), printing out a bunch of them, priming and painting and setting up. When we're through we will have a huge and beautiful dungeon to photograph for the campaign. And the process of producing all those tiles gives us the iterative playtest we need to debug both the system and the individual tiles.

In the pictures, you can see an individual tile, some closeups of multiple tiles, and a 5-square-foot dungeon. It looks kind of patchy because some of the tiles aren't even primed yet, while others are fully painted. (As I write this, a hundred or so tiles are behind my garage getting a primer coat.) But it is already awesome.

I don't have a release date yet. It will be a Kickstarter project, maybe our first one in 2023. I can't wait. I have to wait. But it's coming.

-- Steve Jackson

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