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August 31, 2008: Woot! Lego Pirates Returning?!

Looks like somebody leaked some photos from a Spanish-language 2009 Lego catalog. They're on Brickshelf . . . specifically, in images 880 to 884 of this series. I see redcoats, too, and the nice "plaster over red brick" walls . . . My thanks to Wes Davis for the pointer! Looks like the pirate fleet may be in for some reinforcements.

Update: That link was dead a couple of days after I put this item in the queue. But I saw them! Really! Did the Forces of the International Lego Conspiracy get to them?

All of which only reminds me how terribly out of date the Pirate Game pages are. Is Munchkin Booty an excuse to take the time to revisit them? Arrrr.
-- Steve Jackson

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