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August 23, 2008: Wolfgang's New Book

I grabbed a copy of The Kobold's Guide to Game Design, Wolfgang Baur's new book of adventure design tips, when I was at GenCon last week. This book was created from essays Wolfgang wrote for his earliest Open Design project, a project that I'll happily admit to supporting (I was a sponsor on the first few adventures) and I'd also like to mention that the project just won the Diana Jones award. While most of the work in the book was written for D&D DMs, there's enough here on pacing, world design, monsters, city adventures, and underworld adventures that I think GURPS Dungeon Fantasy players will find the information useful. And if you've ever wanted to write magazine articles, the chapters titled "Shorter, Faster, Harder, Less" and "Why Writers Get Paid" will be worth the cover price.

-- Phil Reed

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