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September 23, 2008: The Tower Of Octavius

Does your GURPS fantasy campaign need a tower for your mighty heroes to clear?

How about a waypoint to stock up on some new spells?

A magically knowedgable patron who provides a base of operations?

Luckily for you, all three needs can be satisfied with just one product: The Tower of Octavius. This six-story tower and its inhabitants are fully detailed, with maps of each level and the basement, dungeon, crypt, and surrounding region. Full GURPS writeups are provided for its powerful, eccentric occupant Octavius of Tyrvo, the Wizard-Baron and his minions and allies. And topping it all off is a bundle of adventure seeds and ideas on using the Tower as a one-shot location, full-fledged dungeon, or a permanent home for your adventurers.

Written by Matt Riggsby, with maps by 01 Games, The Tower of Octavius is a location perfect for busy GMs with campaigns set on Yrth or any other fantasy world.

-- Paul Chapman

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