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September 19, 2008: The Massive Munchkin Preorder Promotion

Munchkin Quest!

And now the long version: The time of Munchkin Quest is nearly upon us. And while quite a few of you have already pledged your various monies to our store (that you might secure for yourself a copy of this fine product) I sense there are those among you who yet feel apprehensive about forking over the cash. You wish your pots sweetened. Pardon me a moment, then, whilst I reach into the cabinet and find that over-large cannister of sugar I raided from a hill giant's kitchen.

Starting right now (well, starting somewhat sooner than the precise moment you read this, but close enough), anyone with the pluck to plunk down a Warehouse 23 preorder on a copy of Munchkin Quest will recieve a Munchkin Quest Gold Piece for their trouble. This high-quality promotional item is made of pure, honest-to-goodness, 100%, gold . . . -colored brass.

Not enough? Of course it isn't! Which is why I'm not foolish enough to stop there. No, I'm here to tell you that you'll also recieve the Munchkin Quest Promo Coaster. It, too, is not made out of gold! And folks, I'm gonna bust out that favorite little marketing chestnut on you, so brace yourselves: That's. Not. All. You will also receive, for your preordering troubles, Munchkin Quest Promo Set 1! Wow!

. . . You're probably wondering what the heck all that stuff is. Okay, fair enough. The Gold Piece is the brassier cousin of the Silver Piece, and basically grants you the power to never be broke while playing Munchkin Quest. (We should always be so lucky.) The Promo Coaster sits under your drink. It has no power of its own. But the power it gives your drink, well . . . that's different. It will infuse, invigorate, and interpolate! Plus, it looks cool. And finally, the Promo Set adds the Troll Booth to your game (along with the appropriately monstrous Troll card and standee). Troll Booth! Hah! Comedy gold.

There. Enough sucrose for the pot to rot the teeth right out of a kobold's head. (Which, bonus, makes him even easier to kill.) But what's that I hear you cry? "What if I already preordered? I want promo stuff, too! Why do you hate us so?!" Fret not, my munchthren, for anyone who's preordered from Warehouse 23 is already signed up to get all the neat promo stuff. Who loves ya, baby?

-- Fox

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