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September 14, 2008: Images From PAX: One Of Thousands

One of the thousands of Munchkin games that occurred at PAX08

Now, around here we like Munchkin. And we know lots of you, out there, like Munchkin. What we weren't prepared for was the concentrated Munchkin frenzy at PAX.

Phil, in walking around the tabletop gaming area, found many, many, many such games being played. Nearly one group in every ten on Saturday night was backstabbing and cursing, killing the monsters and taking their treasure. And when we broke out the Munchkin Quest prototype . . . oh boy. Folks were stacked two or three deep, watching and helping play.

I know we're always saying Munchkin is popular, based on our sales numbers. But seeing it, live and in person, provides a different sort of feedback. In some ways, it's better than sales numbers, because a number has to be pretty big to jazz Phil up the way that room of gamers did.

-- Paul Chapman

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