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December 2, 2007: Sometimes, We Just Play Games

Heroscape, set up on the big table Last weekend, a couple of us sneaked into the office to use the huge conference table to set up a game of Heroscape. A couple of us played, you may remember, during our last Game Day, and wanted to see a larger game.

The setup this time included Phil, Gina, and Randy versus Will, Fox, and me. The terrain included a river that bisected the area (but turned into a lava field in the center) with a swamp on one side and a couple ruined walls on the other. Not particularly realistic, but what do you expect when six people are throwing together bits, all at the same time?

The actual game was a little one sided. Phil brought his zombie horde (backed up by Red Skull, for some reason), Gina had a bunch of creepy things that resurrected themselves from their hive, and Randy had a mish-mash army of a single giant, a bunch of snake warriors, and a couple of elves. Will, Fox, and I, entirely independently of each other, selected robots and guys in power armor. See the problem? Robots have guns -- zombies do not.

We all had fun, even if Phil didn't get to attack a single person and Randy was nearly wiped out. Next time, we'll try to balance our armies a bit better, but all in all, a very fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.
-- Paul Chapman

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