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December 3, 2007: Me And My Bug

One of my new favorite sites is the Insect Picture of the Day. The photographs are neat, but it's the commentary that hooked me. David Brady is not an entomologist. He's what used to be called an "amateur naturalist," back when amateur was understood to mean "one who studies a subject for the love of it." David loves bugs, and loves learning about them, and thanks to the miracle of the intertubes, he can share a whole bunch of bugs with a whole bunch of people.

I'm right in his target audience. I love bugs too.

A couple of months ago I found an especially neat bug, and took it to the office to show off. Some people said "cool!" and some said "Euwww get it away now please thank you OMG euwww." In other words, people haven't changed at all since I was in third grade. But I digress. I also took some pictures, and after I became an insectpod fan, I sent them to David, and woot! he liked them, and they showed up on the site on November 12 and 13. So if you want to know what kind of bug it was, and see the pictures, you'll have to visit insectpod. And if the idea is interesting enough for you to check out at all, I bet you'll be a repeat visitor.
-- Steve Jackson

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