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December 4, 2018: Munchkin Hero Adventures!

[Image]Starting this month, we will be following our fearless Munchkin Heroes Spyke and Flower on their many epic adventures!! We know many of you have a Funko Vinyl Spyke figure that keeps the orcs at bay during your weekly Munchkin games, travels with you to gaming conventions, or even lives in your car for road-trip fun. We'd like to see where Spyke and Flower travel throughout the year.

Post your trusty Munchkin Hero's Epic Adventure photos on your favorite social media site, tag Steve Jackson Games, AND use the hashtags #OrcBGone and #MunchkinHero. Once a month, we will choose a lucky winner to receive cool Munchkin swag from Warehouse 23.

If you don't have a vinyl Spyke figure of your own, visit your Friendly Local Game Store or Warehouse 23 to pick up one today (standard Spyke, Doppel Spyke, and even Glow-in-the-Dark Spyke). "But there's not a vinyl Flower!" you say . . . that's true, which is why we have provided you with a downloadable image of Flower (and Spyke) so you can print and even laminate your own "pressed" Flower.

Join in the Munchkin Hero Adventures today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Huzzah!!

-- Julie Yeager

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