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December 17, 2007: Our Holiday Schedule

As in years past, we're technically closing the office for about a week during the stretch between Christmas and New Year's Day. I say "technically" because the Warehouse 23 crew still needs to do inventory, and will be shipping during that time. Also, a couple of the work-a-holics will sneaking in and finishing up various projects.

Our "no one will be in the office at all" days are December 24 and 25 -- Warehouse 23 will be shipping on December 24th, but they probably won't be answering phones. Also, the office will be vacant January 1; most of us won't have hangovers, but pretty much everyone else in Austin will.

Finally, we're going to do another Game Day on December 21. We will be slow to answer the phone, and distracted once (if!) we do, but in an emergency, you should be able to reach most of us.

Between December 24 and January 1, however, we make no promises. It is very likely that any questions will need to wait for January 2, when we all reappear.
-- Paul Chapman

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