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December 24, 2013: Was This Pyramid Built By Humans . . . Or Transhumans?

Pyramid #3/62: Transhuman Space II

With more than two dozen supplements, the world of Transhuman Space is an exciting place to visit. But as someone wise once said, the future is always in motion . . . and today you can enjoy the latest of tomorrow with Pyramid #3/62: Transhuman Space II.

Several certified Transhuman Space experts add some new excitement to the setting. Transhuman Space Line Editor Phil Masters explores three aspects of the Martian city of Port Lowell, while Transhuman Space creator David L. Pulver goes into more detail about the latest Honduran civil war. Both features include GURPS stats, bringing people and gear of note to life!

For those looking to ease into Transhuman Space, Jason "PK" Levine (of ready-to-play GURPS Monster Hunters fame) has you covered with exciting low-level GURPS templates. For those who'd rather start at the top -- or pick a fight with world-shakers -- we've got a guide from William Stoddard (Transhuman Mysteries and GURPS Social Engineering), showing you how the filthy rich play their games. And there's even more herein for fun-seeking futurians.

Whatever state you're at in upgrading your human existence, Transhuman Space II can help make it all the more interesting. Enrich your intellectual self by picking up this issue individually, or start your subscription today.

-- Steven Marsh

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