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February 1, 2011: Yep, Still Here!

Over the past few months, I haven't shown up on this blog as much as I should have. There are two reasons for that, and both are actually good things, but that still doesn't make them excuses.

First: I wasn't writing as much here because I didn't have to! Other staffers, most notably Paul Chapman and Phil Reed, have been dropping a lot of great stuff into the Illuminator queue. Which is great! But never getting the automatic "Queue is low!" warnings meant never sitting down and going "I need to write something . . . what can I write about . . . OH, RIGHT! THAT!!"

Second: I started posting to our Twitter feed. Twitter is a whole lot of fun, but it means that when "I should tell people about this!" crosses my mind, I can scratch the itch quickly. And even if 140 characters weren't enough to do it right, once I've tweeted, I think that I'm done. But . . . No, not always, not completely.

So here's my month-after-New-Year resolution: I'm going to write more Illuminators. I'm still here, still having stupid ideas and making games, still wanting to tell you about them. I just need to DO IT.

Which reminds me: I know it's time for the 2011 Stakeholder Report (look here for the previous ones). It's in final-I-think draft. I need to check a few numbers, and there will be at least one more round of Spirited Discussion about our priorities. But you'll see it soon. (Sneak peek executive summary: 2010 was a good year. Munchkin rules.)

Talk to you again soon . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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