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February 10, 2011: We'll Be At PAX East

It should come as no surprise (given how we've raved about our experiences at both last year's Boston event and all the years we've attended the Seattle show), but just to make it official: Steve Jackson Games will attend PAX East in Boston, March 11-13.

We'll be doing demos of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice, as well as Revolution!, Awful Green Things, Give Me The Brain, Munchkin, Munchkin Quest (whew! we're going to be busy!), and Munchkin Zombies.

Oh, yeah: and we won't just be demoing Munchkin Zombies - it will be available for sale. So: come to PAX, get your Munchkin Zombies itch scratched early.

In addition to the demos and mischief at the booth, it sounds like a Munchkin tournament is being arranged, we'll have playtests of various never-before-seen games, and our MIB squad will be running things. SJ and Phil have a panel scheduled, and they'll be hanging around the booth when they're not exploring the show. We'll nail SJ down to a table for a little bit, so folks who want a signature can be sure to get one.

Three-day badges are still available, but don't wait! Everyone expects them to sell out in the next week or two. Hotel rooms are already scarce as hen's teeth, although my experience with the Boston public transit system indicates that even a room on the other side of town wouldn't be too bad.

Hope to see you there!

-- Paul Chapman

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