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January 10, 2011: First New Releases From e23!

GURPS Classic: Special Ops Space Gamer #53 It's time for new e23 releases -- the first of 2011! This week, we've got GURPS Classic: Special Ops and Space Gamer #53.

Special Ops covers the secretive world of unconventional warriors. Rangers, Spetsnaz, SEALs, Special Air Service -- real-world teams from around the world are represented, along with tactics, history, and equipment. From hostage rescue to the intense training, from the enemies they face in the field to the organizational heirarcy they call home, Special Ops has what you need to field small team missions, regardless if the setting is modern-day, fantasy, or science fiction.

Space Gamer #53 is loaded with the regular features: reviews of new (for 1982, when it was first released) games -- both tabletop and computer -- news, and letters. The special features of this issue include a supers-based short story with stats for the characters in three different RPG systems, a Traveller adventure, and advice on how to win the classic The Creature That Ate Sheboygan. SJ also wrote an article filled with munchkinly equipment, and someone found space to slide in two "state of the industry" articles: one on miniatures, one on the gaming scene in Sweden.

-- Paul Chapman

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