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January 24, 2011: No Time!

Pyramid #3/27 Murphy's Rules Look, I don't know what they put in the water at the Indianapolis office, but Steven Marsh was a madman last week! Normally we get one or two releases from e23, but this week he ordered poor Alex to upload four!

The first I can understand: the third Thursday of the month is when Pyramid comes out. And any issue that covers things like giant dragonflies in space, the creepy-crawlies that inhabit spacecraft, and ways to bring Creatures of the Night into the ever-night of outer space, like #3/27 does, is a worthy issue in my eyes. Steven also heaped on two articles of campaign suggestions and the regular doses of his Random Thought Table, as well as the usual features, like Murphy's Rules.

Speaking of Murphy's Rules, the collection of the strips that started back in 1981 was published years ago, and is now out of print. But as of last week, it's once again available -- on e23. The cartoons from John Kovalic, Ben Sargent, Michael von Glahn, and Richard Mather lampoon everything from The Fantasy Trip to GURPS to Squad Leader. These comics date back to Space Gamer, and include those published in the print version of Pyramid.

Space Gamer #55 Space Gamer? Oh yes, we have an issue of SG as well -- #55 to be exact. This is the issue that published Necromancer, the classic pocket box game, for the first time. All the maps and rules are still included, so if you'd rather not pay $500 for a copy of the game on eBay (if you can find it, and good luck with that!), then $2.99 isn't a bad deal. Plus you'll get all the news and reviews that you'd expect from 1982.

Epic Munchkin That's three releases. What was the fourth? Epic Munchkin! If you desire the sort of power that can only come from reaching levels above ten, this is the Munchkin variant you must have. And now it's updated to be consistent with Munchkin's 19th printing rules changes.

There you go -- four new digital files to add to your e23 library. Get them now before Alex collapses from weaving together all the electrons!

-- Paul Chapman

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