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January 14, 2011: Return To Hong Kong

Last January I spent over a week in Hong Kong exploring the city, visiting the Hong Kong Toy Fair, and meeting with business partners. It was a fantastic, amazingly fun experience, and I had such a good time that I'm going back later this month. Why am I going back to Hong Kong? For vacation, of course! I told you guys that I had fun and I'm looking forward to another chance to explore the streets, alleys, and shops of Hong Kong. I'll spend a little of my time in the city working -- it would be wrong not to meet with our Chinese language partner, Wargames Club, while in Hong Kong -- but most of my time will be spent seeing the sights and buying toys. I'll be posting updates at my toy site, battlegrip.com, and I'll get at least one Daily Illuminator posted while I'm there, so if you enjoyed my reports from Hong Kong last year prepare yourself for more insane ramblings and photos as I set off in search of tasty food and awesome deals on weird toys.

And while you wait for me to start posting from Hong Kong you can enjoy the photos I took while I was in the city last year. There's the official Steve Jackson Games Flickr set and my own personal Flickr set. Both are packed with photos I took last January, so have fun taking a look at what I encountered last year. Maybe this year I can find some even stranger and exciting things to photograph while I lose myself in what will no doubt be a great vacation.

-- Phil Reed

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