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December 10, 2010: Holiday Vacation And Game Day

Munchkin Waiting for Santa With the holidays coming up, you'd expect us to take some time off. And you'd be correct!

The office will officially be closed from Monday, December 20 through Friday, December 31. We'll reopen for business on Monday, January 3. If you have convention business, questions for the Munchkin Czar, queries about the status of your freelance project, or just want to hear the sound of Phil's voice, take care of it before the 20th.

(Unofficially, it'll take willpower of adamantium to stick around very long on the 17th aka Friday before . . . expect more than a few vacant offices that day!)

Warehouse 23 will be open, and shipping, until December 22. Of course, if you want your order shipped on the 22nd, place it no later than the 21st. The warehouse gets rather crazy this time of year, so if it absolutely, positively must arrive before Christmas . . . order early!

(And if you'd like to skip the stress of "will it arrive on time?" our products can be found at retailers around the world. Check out our Store Finder for the name of one near you!)

e23 will be digitally open for business, as usual, and happily processing your PDF purchases all day long, regardless of the season. Alex -- the human component of e23 -- won't be around, so customer service issues will be delayed until we all return.

Have a happy holiday!

Today's Game Day!

Hey, look at the time! Today is our annual Christmas Game Day, which means we'll be playing games and eating whatever awesomeness Jane brings in . . . I'm hoping for deviled eggs.

The office phones will be set to voicemail, and no one will be checking e-mail. (Well, Phil might, but he and that Blackberry are inseparable.)

Hope your office party is as much fun as ours is!

-- Paul Chapman

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