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December 21, 2010: After Today, It's Too Late

Today is December 21, 2010. It is also the last day Warehouse 23 will be taking orders that we can reasonably guarantee will be processed before Christmas -- and even then, we highly recommend some sort of expedited shipping to insure it arrives before the special day.

Of course, you could go the easy route and hit our Store Finder -- chances are you have a retailer nearer than you think!

Warehouse 23 will be open and processing tomorrow, but will close down for the year that afternoon. The store will reopen on Thursday January 6.

(The office in general closed last Friday, the 17th. It'll reopen Monday, January 3. W23 has to do their end-of-year inventory, so they'll be closed a couple extra days.)

e23 continues to automagically chug along, but all customer service issues will be placed in the queue until the 5th of January, when Alex (the human component) returns.

Have a happy holiday!

-- Paul Chapman

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