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December 27, 2010: Give Me The Brain Update

GURPS Low-Tech . . . no, not really. It's actually the cover for Give Me The Brain, but I bet most people don't read these. If you do, I dub thee 'cooler than the guy sitting next to you.' Which I can do, because I'm in Marketing. We thought you'd like a quick update on the status of Give Me The Brain. And that status is . . . (drum roll) . . . At The Printer!

The final files were checked, re-checked, and approved. The printer got everything, encountered problems -- because there is always something -- we fixed said problems, and now all is well. The proofs have arrived and were checked and re-checked. (We do a lot of checking, which makes it all the more frustrating when an error does creep through.)

As of today, the majority of the print run has been finished, assembled, and loaded onto the shipping container. The shipping container may be on the boat by the time you read this, but since we know the games are heading this way, we're uncertain as to their exact position. (Hey, there's a Heisenberg joke for all the physicists and XKCD fans in the crowd!)

"But Paul," I hear you say, "if the print run has left the printer, why is the status still 'At The Printer'?" The answer is simple: the games remain the responsibility of the printer, at least until we formally receive them (which involves counts and invoices and paperwork you don't even want to think about).

Give Me The Brain will arrive in our warehouse in the middle of January, and start shipping to distributors and retailers shortly afterward. Expect to see it on shelves by the end of January or the beginning of February.

-- Paul Chapman

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