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February 2, 2017: New Releases For January

We started off 2017 with a bang in January with some new Munchkin loot, and the double-sized finale of our long-running Munchkin comics produced by our friends at BOOM! Studios. So I guess we started off the year with a bang and a boom! 

Munchkin ValentinesMunchkin Valentines

Munchkins love stealing treasure – but why not try stealing hearts?

You can do that with these Munchkin Valentines! Each package comes with five valentines and envelopes, so you've got five chances to make someone like you. We believe in you! Kind of!

And the best part? You can give your flames the gift of Munchkin, because the package also comes with five small packs of Munchkin cards that fit inside the valentines!

Munchkin Hidden TreasuresMunchkin Hidden Treasures

These cards belong in a museum!

For several years, we have sold sets of cards for many of our Munchkin games in our online store. Munchkin Hidden Treasures combines almost* all of those cards into a single, easily transported package! 

Encompassing many versions of Munchkin, you'll find cards in Hidden Treasures no matter what flavor you are into. Plus, you don't need to do any manual labor to get them; we dug them up for you in advance! 

*A few odd-sized cards are not included.

Munchkin #25Munchkin #25

Celebrate the series finale of Munchkin comics!

In this month's issue, Brother Skeeper teaches a class about the Gazebo. But does he really know what he's talking about? He does not, and the result could be deadly. Then, in the second story, the marvelous magician Moop feeds Spyke and Flower some special brownies! That is, he feeds them brownies that teleport them to magical and distant places, like Oz and the Land of Legend.

Look in the back pages of this issue for a special promo code to get The Official Munchkin Bookmark of the Garb of the Gazebo and five Munchkin promo cards from Warehouse 23 for a penny, plus a bonus Munchkin rule!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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