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February 2, 2022: Now I知 3D Printing (Part 6)

I made a mistake that left me awfully embarrassed. I've been told that everybody does it once in a while, but it's clear that if YOU can NOT do it, it will improve the average IQ of the human race.

I have my printer set up with a magnetized build plate that makes it much easier to get the finished figures off. Well, what do you suppose happened when I forgot to put the magnetized plate onto the magnet?

It actually completed one of the 13 bases, right on the magnet. And that base detached all right and was perfectly usable. The rest of the build was wasted resin, requiring cleanup of the resin vat. But evidently my cleanup succeeded, because my next build turned out fine.

I went ahead and tried the giant scorpions again, starting with the unsupported version, then blowing it up 250%, and then letting the Chitubox system generate supports automatically. This function is not well documented, to say the least. But apparently I guessed right. Supports appeared, and they were easy (though time-consuming) to remove once the prints were done.


I made two scorpions, in case I ruined one, but both came out fine. The one menacing the skeleton will get painted; the one still on its supports will go into the door prize pool for FnordCon.

-- Steve Jackson

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