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February 5, 2022: Crowdfunding Focus: The Undying Sands And Bottled Sea


Now on Kickstarter is The Undying Sands and Bottled Sea, two roleplaying game settings presented in what is described as "hex-n-screen" format. I originally ordered The Undying Sands from the Games Omnivorous website when the supplement was first released, and it was so imaginative that I had no choice but to back Bottled Sea as fast as I could. 

So just what is the "hex-n-screen" format?

Imagine a hexcrawl, but instead of a printed hexmap you're given a bag filled with hex-shaped tiles. By randomly drawing tiles from the bag as the PCs explore the world, you construct your hexmap in such a way that your own land is different from the land of another game group. An included three-panel gamemaster screen provides the GM with some basic info on the numbered tiles, and there are tables for rumors, treasures, and random encounters that you can turn to when the party enters one of the unnumbered hex tiles. It's a fun, imaginative approach to the hexcrawl, and as a systemless work it is useful for almost any fantasy RPG.

Bottled Sea is a new expansion following the same format, and this is your chance to grab both works. The Kickstarter campaign ends on February 9, so please check it out while there's still time to support this creative game supplement.

-- Phil Reed

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