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February 3, 2009: One Freebie And One Classic

e23 unloaded both barrels last week, delivering a freebie and a classic to its digital shelves.

GURPS Martial Arts Techniques Cheat-Sheet collects all the techniques from GURPS Martial Arts into one handy reference file. And best of all, it's free. If your character, or your campaign, focuses on kung fu, swashbuckling, or just putting the hurt on the baddies via hand to face, this PDF will keep the kicks flying.

And speaking of "kicks," the song says you'll get yours on Route 66. But to get there you'll need a vehicle. And for classic vehicle building, you need GURPS Classic: Vehicles. It's 211 pages of highly detailed gear head crunchiness. When you need to know exactly how many horsepower your jet ski has, accept no substitute!

-- Paul Chapman

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