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February 10, 2009: Warehouse Ladder Acquired

Yes, it's a crummy picture. Under lights, with an iPhone. But this is what I spent last night doing.

Bought groceries, then decided to walk around the shopping center a bit. Aha! Circuit City has its going-out-of-business banners up. So I wandered around. Ran into Will and Casey on the same kind of recon mission, but found nothing that I wanted to buy, and then woot! there was the display of fixtures for sale. Including . . . wheeled, locking warehouse ladders. AKA "A much safer way to deal with big boxes on high shelves."

I only had to talk to four employees to find one who didn't say "No, I haven't seen that display, we're not selling the fixtures." So #4 made the sale, and I went back to the office to get the truck. At which point the phone rang. The Illuminati network is in full operation. It was Phil, who had heard from Will what was going on. So I headed back, and Phil and Gina helped me load the thing into our truck and get it tied down, and then ice cream was eaten.

The trip back to the office was slow, and I stayed on the service roads just to be sure. That ladder wasn't going anywhere, though. It was tied down so well that when you shook the ladder, the truck shook.

I wish somebody had gotten a photo when Phil drove in last week with the truck full of mezzanine stuff. Now that was a heroic drive, all the way from Amarillo. We'll post pictures when we get it built, that's for sure.

-- Steve Jackson

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