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February 3, 2022: A Change In Dice Included In Munchkin Games

For several years now, we've included specific dice color combinations (plastic and ink) in the different Munchkin games, sometimes running through five or six different color tests before settling on a new title's exact dice colors. That was fun while it lasted, but now we're simplifying the process and making a change in the dice we pack inside our new (and reprint) Munchkin games.

Going forward, there will be no One True Way when it comes to dice colors for the single six-sided die packed inside a Munchkin game. Instead of every game of the same name including the exact same color of die, the dice will be randomized at the factory. It is even possible that opening multiple copies from the same print run will result in a variety of different Munchkin-headed dice. (We're not changing the mold – the games will still include a custom die – it's just that the exact colors will be random.)

This change is for a few reasons, the biggest of which is how the global pandemic continues to impact supply chains and manufacturing. To make our lives easier, and simplify a step for the factory, the randomized die color(s) decision was made, and you'll see the change go into effect as new Munchkin games and reprints of existing Munchin games start to hit shelves later this year.

-- Phil Reed

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