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February 14, 2007: Survived OwlCon . . . Even The Wii

. . . and had a good time! Bought several books (because of course I do not have enough books). Bought four Stikfas; not offering any excuse here. They're cool. And met Rice people, including a couple of ex-staff and several current playtesters. And played games. Got to try the Wii! So far, my take on it is:
  • It can take several tries to get multiple controllers talking to the console. "Unstable" is the word here.
  • The on-screen instructions are not Japlish, but neither are they good instructions or good English. You'll spend some time experimenting, while your characters fall, until cryptic lines can be decoded.
  • The smooth movement of the animated characters, in response to your shaking and jiggling of the Wiimote, is definitely fun.
  • I played a single set of Wii Tennis on Friday afternoon. Three quick games. At the end of the set, I noticed that my wrist hurt. It still does, on Tuesday. That little box pulled way too much enthusiasm out of me.

Where's Our Pilot?

So we're lined up in the Southwest Airlines plane, ready to go. Except . . . we don't have a pilot. First time I have ever heard an airline rep say "We don't know where our pilot is." But a substitute was found and I am here to tell you the tale . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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