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February 14, 2017: Get Loots Of Love This Valentine's Day

Munchkin Bundle Of Love

With all the backstabbing in our games, you'd think we're heartless, but in reality, we here at SJ Games have a bleeding heart for one thing in particular: Loot! So of course, we have a lot of awesome Valentine's Day Munchkin swag to help you get in the good graces of your fellow munchkins, and show them how much you care (about loot). 

Everyone loves receiving valentines, so why not give them Munchkin cards, too? Munchkin Valentines are available now at your local game store, and come with five unique valentines, and five card packs to bribe . . . ahem, I mean, gift to your significant others. But if valentines aren't enough, you could always give them a collection of all the cutest Munchkin games and expansions ever. So we've collected them all for you, in one Bundle of Love on Warehouse 23! You can get a collection of games with the most adorable art from Katie Cook and John Kovalic, including Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition, Munchkin Love Shark Baby, and Munchkin Puppies, among others. You may want to throw some more into your order, because until February 16, orders of $75 or more will get a free, exclusive Munchkin Valentine's Day Monster Box. Currently, the only way to get this is through this deal and at select conventions, and we're giving it away! Are we crazy? Maybe. But we're definitely crazy in love! 

And retailers, don't forget that you have a little more time to get a free Munchkin Playmat: The Flower of Love with orders of $200 MSRP or more. Just show us your receipt from your distributor and we'll get it out to you. You can find details on that deal here

Celebrate your love with loot, and don't forget the chocolates! Maybe we should make some Munchkin chocolates . . . 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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