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February 15, 2022: Recycling Cardboard With Warehouse 23

Steve Jackson Games has endeavored to go greener over the years; we've installed solar panels at our office and changed our plastic mini-expansion packaging to cardboard tuckboxes. It's not superhero-level stuff, but we try to make green changes when and where we can, and our shipping team will soon* begin reusing our incoming shipping cartons to ship games to you!

After years of seemingly wasting the good boxes that our games come in (well, we've always recycled them, but this is better!), we've designed a sticker system on the exterior of those boxes that will allow our web store, Warehouse 23, to reuse the cartons without causing issues with the mail system. So if you see a sticker on your next Warehouse 23 order, you'll know the reason! It's a small thing, but over time it will help us re-use a bit more of the scrap we generate.

Recycling Cardboard

-- Hunter Shelburne

*This just in. The first re-used carton shipped yesterday!

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