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February 16, 2022: Knightmare Chess: Royalty Rules!

Knightmare Chess

One of our most requested reprints is finally back in stock with the return of Knightmare Chess! We really took a gambit on this one and thought it was the right time to bring back a classic take on the game of chess. Designed by the legendary Bruno Faidutti and Pierre Cléquin, Knightmare Chess brings powers and abilities to one of the oldest games in the world. 158 cards offer a bevy of special powers, from military maneuvers like the Charge! and Siege, to more fantastic elements like an Earthquake or Fireball.

Each card has a point value for players to create their own custom decks of powers, or you can even handicap the more experienced player and give them fewer points to build with. The new printing includes both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2, so you get even more powers to checkmate your opponents! All you need is the chess board and a bit of knowledge about how to play chess.

Knightmare Chess is only available on Warehouse 23, so get your copy now.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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