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February 21, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare: Four Preview Cards

You've probably seen our production of Munchkin Shakespeare; it's getting rave reviews and will be sweeping the nation for a few more weeks. But the audience is clamoring for more! We're more than happy to acquiesce to their desire, so we're revealing some cards from the set! These are not final, but give you an idea of the Shakespearean humor we're going for in the game. John has been drawing his arm off since we started the campaign, and his take on the Bard's work is more amazing than we could have hoped.

Armor of Proof Fall Staff Eater of Broken Meats Titus Androgynous

For treasures, we've got a "full-proof" armor, the Armor of Proof, a cask's worth of protection, which is a pretty nice bonus, even if it's Big. If running is your only option, you may opt for the Fall Staff. Not only does this two-hander give you a mighty bonus to fighting, if that fails, you have a better chance to Run Away! And if you know anything about Falstaff, he could have used that kind of a bonus. 

Those bonuses are big because you'll need them to fight the monsters within Munchkin Shakespeare. Eater of Broken Meats is already hefty, but he can dig through the garbage for a one-shot to give himself a boost. And if you can't take him out, say bye-bye to the hoard in your hand! The cannibalistic Titus Androgynous doesn't care who you are, just what you have been, and can get a bonus against players who've changed sex during the game. 

We've got more previews coming, and we've been showing off preliminary sketches on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so check us out there. Most important, follow the project by becoming a backer over on our Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter page! Help unlock more loot for the game, and get exclusive swag as well, like our Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion. Until we meet again!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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