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February 24, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare Will Be In Stores This September

Our production of Munchkin Shakespeare is moving right along over on Kickstarter, and we wanted to answer a common question we receive: Will this be available at my friendly local game store?

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The short answer is a resounding "YES"! Munchkin Shakespeare will be available through distribution, for retailers to order as usual, once it releases later this year. Backers will get their copies first, but soon after, you should start seeing the base game show up in stores. The Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion is, of course, exclusive to Kickstarter. However, that leads us to another question. 

What about stores that want to get the Kickstarter Exclusive Expansion and fun add-ons? We don't want to leave retailers out of the action, so they can support through our special retailer offer. We'll be reaching out to stores with details via our Retailer Newsletter toward the end of the campaign, with a special price for brick-and-mortar game stores. Make sure your local retailer is on our Store Finder site so that they get our Retailer Newsletter. If they aren't already there, stores can submit their information on our Store Finder, and we'll get them signed up. 

So talk to your store, to let them know you're interested and where they can find out more! If you're a retailer and have any questions, feel free to email our retail liaison, Joshua

-- Hunter Shelburne

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