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February 27, 2022: I Like Drums That Bang And Clang

I posted last year about creating a vinyl record (April 4, 2021 Daily Illuminator entry), one of the pandemic activities I tackled during the long months locked away at home in 2020. Creating music was on my list of goals for many years, and it took a combination of learning a new DAW (Soundtrap) and the sleepless nights of 2020 to push me in the direction of actually producing music.

Since then, I've continued to experiment and learn, but one thing has remained constant: I'm very much a fan of percussion. As proof, I present to you my latest work* which even as I type this is being transformed from digital files into a cassette tape. Why a cassette tape? Because I have never made one.

Also, I've found a place to manufacture 8-track tapes, so I have a new goal to attack the next time I suffer through a few weeks of sleepless nights.

* If you give only one track a listen, I recommend The Grasping Void. Or maybe Deep Space Nightmare. Definitely one of those two.

-- Phil Reed

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