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January 14, 2016: Stakeholder Report For 2015

Also known as: most timely Stakeholder Report ever. Way to go, Phil!

As I reviewed this one, I realized that you might ask "How could we hit so few of our goals AND get turned out of our office for months . . . and still call it a good year?

Short answer: you had to be here.

Longer answer: Sure, it could have been better. But it was still a good year because we shipped some fine games, lived through an unpleasant surprise and came back with a nicer office, and opened up a new mass market chain that hasn't, historically, been much involved with the hobby. And we got set up for an amazing 2016. And yes, we made a profit.

So go read the report here, and then, if you're so inclined, comment on the forum.

-- Steve Jackson

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