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January 26, 2016: The Geeks Control The Boat!

Here's a geek success story: the JoCo Cruise (JoCo, of course, being Jonathan Coulton) will be taking over an entire ship in 2017. Even as a mere "tour group" it's delivered a lot of fun to a lot of people ­– I was aboard in 2015, will be aboard for the 2016 event in a month, and think the 2017 plans sound pretty darn spiffy. The amount and variety of geekiness goes up exponentially (this is scientifically proven with peer review and chocolate sprinkles) when your group is THE CHARTERER for the whole liner. And so, of course, does the space for gaming. To quote their release:

  • JoCo Cruise 2017 will be a full ship charter – we control the whole boat!
  • March 4-11, 2017 (7 nights) aboard Holland America Line's MS Westerdam
  • Sailing out of San Diego, CA, with ports of call in the Sea of Cortez
  • Tickets on sale beginning Noon PST Friday, 1/29/16
  •  More information can be found at jococruise.com

A sad note: you can't get on board for 2016, because this year is sold out. So plan now for 2017: reserve early, reserve often, and bring your games. A happy note: Holland America is generally acknowledged as having the best food of any of the cruise lines. Can you say FOOD? How about FOOD AND GAMES? Are you with me yet?

Regardless: think good thoughts about a successful and growing element in geek culture . . . the boat where WE are in charge. And think about getting on the boat and helping us use that gaming space. You'll like it.

-- Steve Jackson

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