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January 1, 2014:
One more year has come and gone. If you're anything like us, you probably stayed up all night last night playing games with friends, and made a lot of noise when the ball dropped . . . read article

January 2, 2014:
Have you ever wanted an AI to steal your social media identity? How about a tattoo that can tell if you're lying? . . . read article

January 3, 2014:
A research team at MIT has developed a system called WiTrack, which can track movements and gestures through walls and other obstructions. Set one up in your living room and it has the capability to track your movements throughout your apartment, regardless of the intervening obstacles . . . read article

January 4, 2014:
Are you feeling nostalgic for the heady days of the Amiga? If so, then the big G has you covered; Google has managed to emulate a 1980s Amiga in Chrome, complete with games! . . . read article

January 5, 2014:
Have you ever wanted to visit the world that Finn and Jake inhabit? . . . read article

January 6, 2014:
Back when it was being Kickstarted, we supported ChupacabraCon. We like having cons in our back yard, and we wanted to make it happen . . . read article

January 7, 2014:
Have you ever played a video game and just thought, "what's the point?" If not, would you like to? The upcoming Franz Kafka Video Game promises to fill you with existential unease as you play it, making you question the meaning of life, the universe, and everything . . . read article

January 8, 2014:
NASA scientists have discovered evidence of what they think might be the presence of water on Mars. This, of course, has all sorts of implications about the presence of Martian life . . . read article

January 9, 2014:
We're not kidding you: you can get "Winter is Coming" e-cards from the CDC to warn your friends of impending winter weather . . . read article

January 10, 2014:
We've got some great stuff coming up in March, and we can't wait to show it to you! There's the +6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies, Munchkin Journal Pack 1, Munchkin Triple Play Set 1 and Set 2, and Munchkin Zombies 4: Spare Parts! +6 Bag o' Munchkin Zombies Show off your brain-eating munchkinosity in style! . . . read article

January 11, 2014:
The Smithsonian Institute has within its collections a 1200-year-old device that is, functionally, a short-range telephone. It consists of two specially prepared gourds attached by a long length of twine . . . read article

January 12, 2014:
Remember in the first two Iron Man movies, especially the second one, where the government wanted to develop their own Iron Man suits and militarize them? . . . read article

January 13, 2014:
In the future, when disaster strikes anywhere from the ground below to the moon above, the NKKC (Japan Emergency Rescue Agency) is there to help. Transhuman Space: Wings of the Rising Sun brings you information on these high-tech humanitarians: their history and philosophy, their personnel roles and cutting-edge technology (with GURPS stats), GURPS Spaceships for their satellites and drop ships, and much more. It also includes campaign advice and adventure possibilities to include the NKKC in a range of high-pressure situations . . . read article

January 14, 2014:
Some of you may notice some sluggish performance on our website in the evenings this week. This is because our intrepid IT team is performing maintenance, so load is a bit higher than usual . . . read article

January 15, 2014:
Google went ahead and bought Boston Dynamics, the makers of the Big Dog robot and the Cheetah robot . . . read article

January 16, 2014:
Locus Online News reports that SF author Neal Barrett, Jr. has passed away at the age of 84 . . . read article

January 17, 2014:
Given the number of Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, and other assorted things out there on the Internet, it can sometimes be difficult to know what's official and what's not. That is, if you're reading a Facebook page that you found, is that Facebook page speaking for a company you like? . . . read article

January 18, 2014:
Len Peralta (whose extensive art credits include the fantastic art for Munchkin The Guild) has launched a Kickstarter project for the fifth set of his Geek A Week trading cards. Wait -- fifth? . . . read article

January 19, 2014:
Ogre was the object of most of SJ Games' efforts in 2013 (seriously . . . would you stand in an Ogre's way?), so other lines -- like GURPS -- went on the back burner. Or did they? In point of fact, GURPS saw a respectable amount of action last year. The Big, Shiny GURPS release of 2013 was GURPS Zombies . . . read article

January 20, 2014:
Sometimes when things go wrong, you call the police. And if things get really bad, you send in the SWAT team. GURPS Classic: SWAT looks at all aspects of tactical police operations: a history of tactical teams, a look at SWAT around the world, an overview of how SWAT teams do what they do, weapons and gear, and more . . . read article

January 21, 2014:
A Dark Room is an interesting thing. It's much more than it seems: part text adventure and part 4X civ-building game, and some of the most engrossing time spent watching numbers tick up as you wait for the ability to click a button again . . . read article

January 22, 2014:
Are you going to New Orleans Comic Con? So are we! . . . read article

January 23, 2014:
Jeff Provine over at Blog Critics recently reviewed Munchkin Apocalypse, Chez Geek, and Castellan! Spoiler: he liked them a lot! . . . read article

January 24, 2014:
Anyone who follows my toy site, battlegrip.com, is well aware of my fascination with Star Wars Stormtrooper and Clone Troopers. Since first seeing Star Wars (we won't state a year, but it was when the movie first ran in theaters) I've had an unreasonable and unusual love for the Stormtrooper design, and that has impacted the toys and statues I collect . . . read article

January 25, 2014:
Hello! I hear you all like to know stuff . . . read article

January 26, 2014:
Plenty of us have used the Internet as a source of names, whether for characters for our games or novels, or for actual human children who will soon be coming into our lives. Stephen McLaughlin, however, is taking things a step further: he and his wife are letting the Internet name their baby . . . read article

January 27, 2014:
We've got two great games shipping in January: Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks! and Zombie Dice Deluxe! Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks! Mars Attacks!, the hit trading card series from Topps, is invading the world of Munchkin Apocalypse! In this 15-card booster, you'll battle Monster Bugs and the Heat Ray Saucer on your way to Level 10, with the help of new goodies like the Martian Zap Rifle and Giant Spiky Feet . . . read article

January 28, 2014:
There's one thing explorers of the limitless cosmos agree on: It has something for everyone. The just-released Pyramid #3/63: Infinite Worlds II continues this tradition by unleashing the boundless power of the alternate realities . . . read article

January 29, 2014:
You probably noticed that Munchkin Zombies 4 -- Spare Parts is coming out in March. Want it early? . . . read article

January 30, 2014:
You may have noticed that, although we announced the Munchkin Journal Pack 1 earlier in the month, we didn't announce the Munchkin Journal Pack 2. This isn't a mistake or an oversight on our part; the Munchkin Journal Pack 2 is a bit of a special case. Allow me to explain . . . read article

January 31, 2014:
Today is the start of a new year in the Chinese lunar calendar, and the start of 15 days of celebration in Chinese communities worldwide. If you're looking to add the spirit of these festivities to your GURPS gaming table (and why wouldn't you?), we have a few modest suggestions: • GURPS Martial Arts describes 10 Chinese styles, from the meditative T'ai Chi Chuan to the pragmatic modern Wushu . . . read article

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