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January 24, 2014: Giant Clone Troopers? I'll Take Two!

Anyone who follows my toy site, battlegrip.com, is well aware of my fascination with Star Wars Stormtrooper and Clone Troopers. Since first seeing Star Wars (we won't state a year, but it was when the movie first ran in theaters) I've had an unreasonable and unusual love for the Stormtrooper design, and that has impacted the toys and statues I collect.

And now, through the use of some magical pricing structure I cannot understand, Jakks Pacific is creating 31-inch tall Clone Trooper action figures . . . priced at only $30 each. These are amazing pieces featuring perfect sculpts, nice paint, and even limited articulation. I've got 6-inch scale action figures that cost $30 at the time, so whatever Jakks Pacific is doing to bring these in at such a low price I hope they can keep it up! Trust me, as a toy collector I can tell you that $30 for something of this size and quality is unheard of.

If you have any interest at all in these then find them now. I doubt the prices will stay this low forever.

-- Phil Reed

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