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January 21, 2016: Thursday Is GURPS-Day!

GURPS fans know that Thursday is new-release day at Warehouse 23. We don't release a new digital supplement or Pyramid issue every week -- but when we do, it's on Thursday. That has been a tradition for . . . well, my records show we were doing it in 2009, which means it's older than that.

But there's another tradition that GURPS fans might not know as much about. Douglas Cole has been blogging about RPGs on Gaming Ballistic since December 26, 2012, and he started setting aside Thursday as "GURPS-day" on February 7, 2013. Since then, many other bloggers have started reserving Thursday -- a.k.a. "GURPS-day," "GURPS Day," "GURPS Thursday," and "Thurpsday" -- for GURPS content, including (alphabetically!):

You can keep up with these and other blogs by watching this sticky thread in the Steve Jackson Games Forums. Heck, why not join in and add your blog to the roll? Oh, and keep an eye on Gaming Ballistic, too, because Doug is making plans to aggregate links to new blog content.

Here's a big "Thank you!" to Doug and to all the stalwart GURPS bloggers!

-- Sean Punch

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