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January 22, 2007: Munchkin Report

So, with Munchkin the priority for 2007, it would be reasonable of you to ask how we're doing on that.

Pretty well, actually.

The reprints are more under control than they have been in a while, and work on new releases progresses. The next one to ship is, of course, Munchkin Cthulhu, and it's almost ready to go to press . . . I should be approving card proofs in a day or so.

The one after that is a supplement - title to be announced Real Soon Now. I might be able to give that one its first in-house playtest this week, if nothing distracting happens Monday or Tuesday. If something distracting does happen, well, next week for sure . . . probably . . .

The one after that is another supplement and I haven't done ANYTHING on that. Yet.

But the one after THAT is a new stand-alone game - you may now guess wildly about the theme, because I'm not saying yet - and, because I got on a roll over the holidays, a lot of work on that one has been done already!

So, on the whole, Munchkin goes well. Rejoice.
-- Steve Jackson

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