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January 25, 2014: Your Friendly Neighborhood Ninja Editor

Ninja Editor

Hello! I hear you all like to know stuff. Well, here's stuff about my pedigree, so to speak. Since 1994, I've been an editor or website producer in the roleplaying game industry. I started off as an editor at West End Games, then ventured forth to Lake Geneva to work on AD&D at TSR, Inc. When Wizards of the Coast acquired TSR, I made the trek to the Seattle area, where I had fun times working on Dragonlance: Fifth Age projects with an awesome team of creative folk. I picked up my first website production job while there, then pulled off my signature "ninja editor" move to vanish to Kansas City, Missouri. Until recently, I was primarily a contractor for Wizards of the Coast, but I have also worked with Kobold Press, Lone Shark Games, and Monte Cook Games. In fact, I still continue to work with these fine folk when I'm not doing fun projects for Steve Jackson Games. I'm a wee bit of a workaholic. Just a wee bit. Okay, maybe I'm understating the workaholic thing.

So, what do I do at Steve Jackson Games? I am your friendly neighborhood prepress editor. I am given an assignment, then I disappear for a bit and come back with a lot of questions. The wonderful and talented folk here answer my questions and then take my markings and guidance into the next stage of production. My goal is to help make projects better than they were before they landed on my desk. I'm also pretty good at draining pens dry and killing off stacks of sticky notes. Poor little sticky notes. They die brave and colorful deaths.

Oh, by the way, I've been here since late September. I'm sneaky that way. Ninja editor, remember? ::vanishes::

-- Miranda Horner

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