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January 30, 2015: Greetings From Prague!

Greetings from Prague!

I arrived in Prague Tuesday afternoon, exhausted and excited and ready for anything. After reaching the hotel I met with our printer rep from Grand Prix, David, and immediately set out to explore the city as we talked shop. Prague is wonderful, a maze of twisting roads that stretch on forever. My very first thought as we walked the city was that I needed a car so I could play out the car chase scene from The Bourne Identity . . . but I played it smart and instead kept walking and talking.

David and I focused most of our attention on Munchkin 2015 and 2016 plans (including licensee projects), and after running through the scheduled list of releases we both have a better idea of what steps to take next to guarantee that these games and expansions ship on time. Finding solutions to one-off cards for our licensees was also on the list; we didn't find the perfect fix to the slight timing headache we're dealing with, but we do have an idea of what step to take next and hope we can get more special cards out into the world.

After Munchkin, David and I spent time on Car Wars, talking both about the new edition and support for Car Wars Classic, and I'll deny it if anyone says the words "plastic" and "miniatures" came up during our Car Wars discussion.

We plan to take time to actually go out and play tourist a little before we leave for Nuremberg. Our walk over the Charles Bridge early this morning was fantastic -- it's great to get out of the U.S. and see landmarks that have existed for centuries -- but I think I need to get some real sightseeing in before the overwhelming business of Nuremberg Toy Fair consumes me and beats my brain down into a lump of meat.

-- Phil Reed

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