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July 5, 2013: Meet Flower

Flower...and her axe. We know you've met before, but a proper introduction is long past due. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Flower. John Kovalic's daughter gets the credit for finally naming her. And really -- who could have possibly come up with a name more perfectly suited to this champion of monster killing, treasure stealing, and buddy stabbing.

Yes, we know. You and your gaming group already came up with a perfect -- and different -- name for her. Well . . . it's Flower now. And I don't think she looks like the sort of woman you want to argue with.

To celebrate the new name, John has also given her a bit of a makeover. Look for this new incarnation gracing the covers of the next printing of Munchkin 2 -- Unnatural Axe when it arrives on store shelves later this year.

-- Ben Williams

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