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July 18, 2013: Now Shipping!

We have a ton of stuff on its way to the FLGS near you! The long-awaited Castellan is here, and we have a smattering of new Munchkin goodies: Dragons, Zombies Decay d6, and Level Playing Field. And speaking of zombies, our new Zombie Dice Score Pad provides a cool way to keep track of all those brains you collect.

Castellan Castellan

Two players work together to build a castle. Wall and tower pieces link to form courtyards. The player who finishes a courtyard claims it with a Keep.

Your cards determine what pieces you get each turn . . . but you decide where to put them. If you're clever, the pieces played by your opponent can end up scoring for you!

Castellan includes 108 detailed castle pieces and 28 cards, and plays in less than an hour.

Stock #1906. UPC 837654321485. $34.95.

Munchkin Dragons Munchkin Dragons

Here There Be Dragons!

Dragons are fearsome! Dragons are cool! Dragons have LOTS of treasure for munchkins to loot! Munchkin Dragons has 15 new cards. The treasures are wondrous indeed . . . but first, you've got some dragons to slay. Good luck.

This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Dragons pack is the same as every other.

Stock #4235. UPC 837654321805. $4.95.

Munchkin Zombies Decay d6 Munchkin Zombies Decay d6

Diiiiiiiiiice . . .

Munchkin Zombies Decay d6 features six custom six-sided acrylic dice previously available only in a limited release. Three of them are swirled pearlescent red with pus-yellow pips; three of them are swirled pearlescent ivory with blood-red pips, and all six feature a Munchkin head in place of the one. You want them so you can kill the monsters and take their stuff!

Also includes four exclusive new cards for Munchkin Zombies!

Stock #5563. UPC 837654321843. $6.95.

Munchkin Level Playing Field Munchkin Level Playing Field

Track everyone's levels at once with the Munchkin Level Playing Field! Includes male/female tokens in six colors, and matching colored tokens with special in-game benefits for each player. This set also includes four new Munchkin cards!

Bonus! The Level Playing Field has a second side, with Levels 1-20 for Epic Munchkin!

Stock #5559. UPC 837654321812. $19.95.

Zombie Dice Score Pad Zombie Dice Score Pad

Keeping track of your brains has never been easier!

Each page of the Zombie Dice Score Pad is packed with enough brains for a six player game. Just mark off a brain icon for every brain you score. It's so easy a zombie can do it!

Great for gamers on the go, this handy accessory fits easily inside a Zombie Dice cup. Now you don't need to have space for counters to play a game of Zombie Dice!

Stock #5913. UPC 837654321829. $3.50.

-- Leonard Balsera

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