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July 7, 2009: We're Back!

Or: Where was my e23 release last week?

We were, indeed, closed from June 29 through Sunday July 5. Being out of the office last Thursday prevented us from doing our normal weekly upload of PDF awesomeness. You knew we did e23 uploads on Thursdays, right?

If you didn't, you may have missed one of our releases last month. Here's a handy list, just to catch you up.

Now that we've returned to the office, rested, Illuminated, and ready to tackle the summer season, we'll return to our regular schedule. Look for a new PDF this Thursday!

Of course, being away from our desks for a full week means we've got a ton of email to dig through. (And our network being down for the first half of yesterday didn't help, either.) Please be patient as we deal with the big fires, then the little fires, and then the not-so-urgent-but-has-been-waiting-for-three-days stuff.

-- Paul Chapman

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