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July 9, 2009: All the Birds Have Come Home to Roost

Over the past couple of weeks, we've had staffers flying all over the country. Randy took a road trip north and then wandered over to Origins. Will flew direct to Columbus for that event, then spent some time in Kansas City. Phil toured the lands (and game stores) west of Texas. And Andrew attended CONvergence in Minneapolis.

Everyone's back in Austin now, with varying degrees of the infamous "con crud." All have stories to tell, and photos to share. We'll be adding them to our Flickr stream -- as soon as we answer those last few e-mails left over from vacation.

Oops! And now SJ's flown off to Tennessee for LibertyCon. Nothing sits still here for long. Heck, we're already preparing for GenCon, which is . . . holy cow! Only a month away?

Excuse me, I need to go order some stickers.

-- Paul Chapman

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