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July 11, 2007: Origins Wrap-Up

I'm sure SJ will have his impressions of the overall convention shortly, but here's an important bit: the Origins Awards list.

The vast majority of my experience at Origins centered around the Adventure Retail booth. But I did gather a few observations, which I'll share in list format.

  • Remembering the digital camera is good. Remembering the memory card that allows you enough space to capture the Exact Change Dance would have been even better.
  • A couple bottles of water can substitute for lunch, if you're busy enough . . .
  • . . . But Munchkin Water isn't allowed in the Columbus Convention Center, either.
  • Sky Galleons of Mars looks awesome when the ships are 12" long, and mounted on microphone stands, putting the entire battle at eye level (for me, at least for Ross, they were at chin level).
  • The MIBs proved, once again, the maxim of "demos sell games."

Overall, Origins was a good show. But I'm still kicking myself about the camera . . .
-- Paul Chapman

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