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July 12, 2007: The Silly Thing Works

I can't believe I'm giving a testimonial for a RAZOR.

But it works. When I got the Gillette Fusion freebie in the mail, I laughed. FIVE blades. Riiiiight. Two blades are better than one, so three must be better than two, so five . . . is a marketroid's dream. I didn't even keep the coupon to buy more blades. I just stuck the silly five-blade razor in the medicine cabinet.

. . . and eventually ran out of blades for my old razor, and reached for the silly one to use it up.

And . . . I don't know exactly what is going on here, but the silly five-bladed razor really DOES give a very smooth shave, and the blades last a long time. I should have saved the coupon. But I'll buy more anyway. Live and learn!
Steve Jackson

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