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July 17, 2008: Protospiel Was Awesome!

Will and I are back from Protospiel. We played several games, including a few upcoming SJGames releases that haven't been publicly announced, and had the chance to chat with several of the attendees about printing games, working in the game industry, and the game development process.

On Sunday afternoon, as the con was winding down, Alex Yeager of Mayfair Games showed us around Ann Arbor. We visited game stores (hey, we're gamers), a used bookstore, and enjoyed a quiet dinner. We also talked about games, game design, and the industry. Thanks, Alex, for a fun afternoon. It certainly beat sitting in our hotel room.

With the convention over, and life returning to the normal grind, I find myself dreaming of a similar con in Austin. If only I had the time . . .
-- Phil Reed

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